SB1473: Another Bill To Empower DCS To Destroy Families

SB1473 was just gutted by a Strike Everything amendment and replaced with the guts of SB1452.

The bill would eliminate placement preference with relatives for children ripped from their parents by DCS.

The irresponsible and malicious destruction of families and parents’ right by DCS is well-documented and the subject of multiple federal lawsuits for abuse of the government’s power.

Now Nancy Barto wants to further enable DCS in its destruction of families by removing any preference for a child to be placed with its relatives.

We urge you to read Richard Wexler’s warning in the Tucson Daily Star titled “SB 1473 is a detour from real child welfare reform“.

Then let the Arizona Legislature know it should be protecting families from DCS, not further empowering them to rip children from their loving relatives.

Unsure to make your voice heard?  Visit our guide to registering your position on the Arizona Legislature’s RTS system.


One thought on “SB1473: Another Bill To Empower DCS To Destroy Families

  1. Everyone needs to complain to the Arizona State Bar regarding the public defenders that are appointed to there case. You see most of the time the attorneys do not defend or investigate the case as they should. They just navigate the parent through the system, many times never even filing a motion on the parents behalf. Ineffective assistance for starters.

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