HB2564: More Burden On Parents To Pay Politicians And Judges

Rep David Livingston is attempting to pass HB2564, which would increase court fees in Arizona to fund the retirement funds of legislators and judges.

Family law litigants are already paying ridiculous costs due to the chaos and animosity the Arizona family court system encourages.

Parents should not be further burdened with higher court fees because legislators won’t accept the heat of funding through the state’s general fund.

This increase further worsens access to the courts for parents with financial difficulties.

1. Register your opposition to HB2564 on the Arizona Legislature’s RTS system.

2. Contact your state Senator and ask them to vote against HB2564 because it denies access to justice for poor parents. Find your legislators and their contact info at https://www.azleg.gov/findmylegislator/

3. Contact Rep Livingston directly and tell him to stop hurting parents and children who are already crushed by the financial burdens the courts create.

Not signed up on RTS? Not sure how to use it? Need help completing registration?

Visit http://azcff.org/request-to-speak-rts-registration/ for info and to request help.

HB2564 INFO:

One thought on “HB2564: More Burden On Parents To Pay Politicians And Judges

  1. This is just sicking and I believe we have a big “Conflict of Interest” here by allowing them to vote themselves big fat raises!!!! Hell-o, McFly..
    Funny they give themselves big time money raises then they only give us like a .50 cent raise. WE THE PEOPLE are being robbed. Big time

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