ACTION ITEM: Request Rep Eddie Farnsworth (R-LD12) Hold Hearings on Family Law Bills

Several very good family bills have been dropped this year in the Arizona House of Representatives and are assigned to the Judiciary and Public Safety committee but have yet to be scheduled for a hearing.

Your voice is needed to bring these bills forward!

Call or write the committee chairman, Rep Eddie Farnsworth, and request he schedule the bills for hearing and vote.

While you’re at it, email all members of the House to support these bills.  They will eventually arrive for a floor vote and educating legislators of the real abuses by family court is a great way to ensure passage.

5 thoughts on “ACTION ITEM: Request Rep Eddie Farnsworth (R-LD12) Hold Hearings on Family Law Bills

  1. Oh Farnsworth worth will be having quite the full email and voicemail box very soon

  2. Please consider any and all Family Law Reform Bills brought before you. This is an area that could deeply use some revamping and major investigating.

  3. Done!

    But, I got undeliverable messages for “dmosley” and “tshooer”…

  4. There needs to be a complete overhaul of the corrupt and anti-child and family jokingly referred to as DCS in Arizona. We need to borrow Judge Janis Graham Jack from Texas to do what she did to their CPS agency, the twin of our DCS.

  5. Arizona DCS is not broken, it is a well-oiled machine designed to seize Arizona’s children and destroy families. These are the 7 factors behind and what drives Arizona DCS to seize our child(ren).
    1. The child abuse hotline caller.
    2. Unlawful seizure of the child(ren).
    3. False allegations by the DCS worker.
    4. Ineffective assistance of counsel.
    5. Judicial Malfeasance.
    6. Malicious prosecution.
    7. $$Financial incentives$$.

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