Family Law Reform Legislation Arrives

AZCFF staff has been working with legislators and partner activists and organizations to prepare for this legislative session.  We’re proud of the work the team has accomplished.

So far, the following bills have been dropped:

  • HB2220:  Requires the courts to (1) accept audio and/or video records as official records of court proceedings if such recordings are made.
  • HB2296:  Reforms the Arizona Family Law process to recognize that all parents are rightly presumed fit and equal unless proven otherwise.
  • HB2301:  Requires the court hold a hearing proving the need for an investigator and the qualifications of the investigator before appointing one.  Places limits on the number of concurrent appointments by to an individual and limits the hourly billing rate.
  • HB2303:  Creates a civil cause of action against a party who commits perjury in family court proceedings.

These commonsense reforms are the first to be posted.  Keep an eye on our sight for announcements of more bills to be dropped.

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