Judge McMurdie Appointed To Arizona Court Of Appeals Division One

The office of Governor Doug Ducey announced the appointment of Judge Paul McMurdie to the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One.

“Judge McMurdie is a highly-experienced and widely-respected legal mind in Arizona,” said Governor Ducey. “As a practicing lawyer, he argued cases before the United States Supreme Court, Arizona Supreme Court, Arizona Court of Appeals, and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  As a judge, he has served on the criminal, civil, and family benches and has served with distinction as Presiding Family Court Judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court.  I am pleased to appoint Judge McMurdie to the Arizona Court of Appeals.”

Judge McMurdie previously served as Presiding Judge for the Family Division of the Maricopa Superior Court.  Notably, Judge McMurdie has recently demonstrated an interest in reducing the antagonistic posture of the Family Division in Maricopa County against parties.

Judge McMurdie recently held a special session of hearings for child support obligors to have arrest warrants quashed, in effect acknowledging that most who owe child support arrearages are in that state due to unfair and unpayable awards rather than a lack of desire to support their children.

AZCFF also applauds Judge McMurdie’s efforts in cooperation with Judge Swann of the Appellate Division One to reform the often abused Rule 72 of the Arizona Rules of Family Law Practice.  Rule 72 is often used in the opinion of AZCFF to take advantage of already vulnerable families by forcing them to pay onerous and uncontestable fees to appointees who feed of the misery of divorce.  While Chief Justice Bales and the other justices have not agree with the proposal by Swann and McMurdie, they have posted a proposed modification to the Rule which would be of some help to those abused by the courts.

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